I've seen lots of discussions about bitcoin on the intertubes lately. I started by reading Marc Andreeson's super-positive analysis "Why Bitcoin Matters". Near the end of his post, he writes "some prominent economists are deeply skeptical of bitcoin". That got me wondering what my favorite economist, Paul Krugman, thought about it. So I went and found his blog post titled "Bitcoin is Evil". Hmmm.

The geek in me is fascinated by the tech behind bitcoin. The entrepreneur in me is interested in the business opportunities. The liberal in me loves the way bitcoin can stick it to the big banks and the credit card processors, but is concerned about crime and fairness (meaning tax evasion). I'm not sure where it is going to go from here, but it is interesting to watch!

BTW, I used Flipboard to do most of my reading about bitcoin. It is pretty cool. If you have an iPad (or other tablet), check it out.