Running Windows on my Mac (gasp!)

Well, I've finally been forced to figure out how to run Windows on my Mac.  The culprit?  Quicken.  

I love Quicken.  But they just don't support the Mac.  Intuit is in Beta on "Quicken Financial Life" for the Mac, but it is currently scheduled for release this summer, and that is at least a 6-month delay from the original announced date.

So, for the last year or so, I've been running Quicken on my wife's Vista laptop.  But it is SERIOUSLY slow!

I finally decided to try VMWare Fusion, but I couldn't find my original Windows Me install CD (no surpise there), and my old Windows XP Home Upgrade CD wouldn't install without it.  So I got the Windows 7 beta, and installed it.

The Windows 7 beta installed fine on Fusion, but it was also SERIOUSLY slow.  And it crashed.  So that sucked.

But then I remembered a stack of old CDs I had laying around with the intent of eventually using them in a yard project, and managed to find some old Windows 98 betas.  And the XP home upgrade installer recognized one of them!  Stay tuned...

Well, it turned out to install flawlessly.  And I have Quicken installed and working.  It was kinda slow, so I upgraded my Mac to 4GB and gave 1GB to VMWare.  We'll see if that helps.

Buttons & Books

I have spent the last couple of days adding some buttons to my app. I don't know if I'm back up to speed, or if the books I bought are really helping, or it's the Buffy "Once More, With Feeling" soundtrack I've been listening to, or what, but it has gone pretty smoothly!

About the books, here's what I picked up at Powell's:
So far the first two have come in handy.  Hoping the last two help when I need to see "under the hood".

Mobile Tagging

Attending a presentation on mobile tagging. The simplest example is a 2D barcode that encodes a URL, printed as part of an advertisement. Load mobile app, shoot barcode with camera, and URL is loaded in your browser.

Google is extending AdSense and YouTube to support QR Code generation. MS has proprietary tag format.

Can be read from print, screen even plaque.

Privacy issues. Is URL malicious? Perhaps creator of reader (eg google) could provide clearinghouse that qualified URL before redirecting to it.

XCode & Subversion

I'm back to full-time iPhone development, and I am determined to solve a problem I've been having with Subversion. Our project repo is up on I can access it fine via every mechanism (XCode Repository browser, Safari, svn command-line) EXCEPT from within the "Groups & Files" window. It always fails as follows:

Error: 170001 (Authorization failed) Description: PROPFIND request failed on ...
Error: 170001 (Authorization failed) Description: PROPFIND of ... : authorization failed (

Oh, this works fine for my partner.

Google has been no help. Nor have the ProjectLocker nor Apple Developer web-sites.

So, I created a new dummy repo, uploaded some dummy code, and ... it works.

Hmm. So it is something with the files in my project repo. Is some path hardcoded maybe? I did demote the code under a "trunk" path at some point..

Oh, I can't believe it.  In Project Info - General, there is an "SCM Repository" field.  It was set to my local file:// repository for some reason.  Probably because that's where I had done my original development.  Not sure why it didn't default to the repo from which it was checked out - Doh!

Anyway, it works now.  Yea!

What to do after you reflash your iPhone

Apple does a good job of keeping backups of your iPhone data, but they don't backup everything.  Here's a list of stuff you have to fix after you reflash your iPhone:
  • Passcode Lock: Settings - General - Auto-Lock, Passcode Lock
  • E-mail: If you leave mail on the server, your iPhone will forget which e-mails you have already read, so you'll have to read or delete them.  A couple of tricks:
    • Reduce the number of messages displayed in your inbox - Settings - Mail... - Show
    • In Mail, hit "Edit", then select a bunch of messages and delete them all at once
I'll keep adding to this list as I remember stuff.


I'm trying to get serious about planning using Getting Things Done (GTD).  I've tried Remember The Milk and Nozbe, both web-based apps.  I like them fairly well, but each has some limitation that drives me crazy.  So today I downloaded "Things" from Cultured Code.

Things is free (while in Beta) on the Mac, and $10 on the iPhone.  The two can be sync'd via wifi.  I haven't tried the iPhone version, but I really like the Mac version.  The UI just makes sense, and I like the way tags work.  We'll see how it does over time...

OK, that's enough time.  I REALLY like it.  Time to buy the iPhone version...

Easily installed, easily sync'd.  I like the way the sync works - very bluetooth-pairing-like.

For some reason the iPhone app is missing the "Areas" tab - maybe it isn't implemented yet.. yup... patience, patience...

Update 2008.09.23: Lovin' Things.  Again - UI "just makes sense".