XCode & Subversion

I'm back to full-time iPhone development, and I am determined to solve a problem I've been having with Subversion. Our project repo is up on projectlocker.com. I can access it fine via every mechanism (XCode Repository browser, Safari, svn command-line) EXCEPT from within the "Groups & Files" window. It always fails as follows:

Error: 170001 (Authorization failed) Description: PROPFIND request failed on ...
Error: 170001 (Authorization failed) Description: PROPFIND of ... : authorization failed (https://seed1.projectlocker.com)

Oh, this works fine for my partner.

Google has been no help. Nor have the ProjectLocker nor Apple Developer web-sites.

So, I created a new dummy repo, uploaded some dummy code, and ... it works.

Hmm. So it is something with the files in my project repo. Is some path hardcoded maybe? I did demote the code under a "trunk" path at some point..

Oh, I can't believe it.  In Project Info - General, there is an "SCM Repository" field.  It was set to my local file:// repository for some reason.  Probably because that's where I had done my original development.  Not sure why it didn't default to the repo from which it was checked out - Doh!

Anyway, it works now.  Yea!