WWDC Impressions

Here are my main impressions of WWDC:
  • Here's a link to a survey that suggests that 70% of planned iPhone apps may be free.  I think that is quite right, as many existing services will provide free iPhone apps to access their service.
  • 5200 developers in attendance
  • Standing in Lines - reminds me of college - it's like people are looking for lines to stand in.
  • I'm special! - I'm one of 4000 approved iPhone developers.  That seems like a big number, but I've met a number of people who haven't been approved.  I have no idea why I was approved...
  • The iPhone is big. Really big. - I don't know who is going to develop the killer app, or how many people will make a lot of money, but there are some cool applications under development.  It will be amazing to watch what happens over the next year.  Lowering the price of an iPhone to $199 while adding several important new features is also going to help in a huge way.
  • As far as I can tell, there are no diet-colas available here.  17 other kinds of drinks plus coffee, but no diet-colas.  I'm seeing some serious withdrawal symptoms...