New iPhone Features

Here's a list of my favorite new features of the iPhone 3G (and iPhone OS 2.0):
  1. 3rd Party Apps - duh!
  2. Contacts search - it is a phone, right?
  3. 3G - Yup, downloading faster will be great.  Gets close enough to WiFi that most downloads (with the possible exception of video) will be way faster.
  4. Push e-mail, calendar, contacts - Whether through Exchange or MobileMe, this will make it way easier to share calendars and the like.  Will make Enterprise users very happy...
  5. GPS - I've already seen the advantages of this.  When I came down here on the bus, I noticed that my map continued to update my current location, rather than staying static as it used to.  Even though my iPhone doesn't have GPS, it showed a fairly accurate track.  And geotagging photos is automatic. Nice.