WWDC Day 1

6:15 - On the bus, on the way home.  Good day, overall.
5:00 - Introduction to Mac and iPhone Development - Damn, the room filled up!  And no overflow.  Apple blew this one.  Maybe I can get my money back?  ;-)
3:30 - Developer Tools State of the Union
2:00 - Mac OS X State of the Union - In the overflow room, again.  BTW, the rest of the day is "Apple Confidential", so I'll have fewer updates.
1:49 - Just learned something. Treat your iPhone earbuds carefully!  $29 bucks for a new headset.  Jeez, an entire iPhone 3G (8GB) will only be $200!
12:35 - Super Geeky network stuff...

11:30 - 3G!! GPS!!  Go, Steve!
10:38 - Looks like there will be some cool apps at AppStore.
10:18 - Still waiting for something new...
10:07 - In!!! Just as Steve came on stage...
9:58 - Still in line. Steve, don't start without us!  Enjoying conversation with other developers in line.  Some are completely new to the mac, some are super experiences.
9:37 - Still in line...

8:50 - More than an hour 'til the keynote, I'm about 50th in line, and the auditorium is already full! I knew I shouldn't have stopped to use the bathroom!
8:00 - On the bus on the way to WWDC. Can't seem to do formatted blogging from my iPhone. Will update during or after the keynote.