WWDC Day 2

6:10 - Ducked out a few minutes early so I could make the last bus
5:00 - Designing Applications with Interface Builder
3:30 - Understanding iPhone Table Views
2:00 - Understanding iPhone View Controllers
12:30 - Lunch
12:18 - Developers Conferences are the only events on the planet where the lines for the Men's restrooms are longer than the lines for the Women's restrooms!
11:50 - Bean bag chairs?  This is a different kind of developers conference!
11:45 - Time for lunch, and perhaps a bit of development?
10:30 - Introduction to the iPhone Development Tools - very cool tools. The instruments capability makes me want to inject bugs just to have fun finding them...
9:00 - iPhone Application Development Fundamentals
8:50 - Just looked over to see the Army Colonel who was in the video clip during the keynote. In the clip, he said something like "We are the most mobile IT environment in the world, with one of the largest user bases. And the only one whose users get shot at."
8:14 - On the bus to WWDC day 2, trying to figure out which sessions to attend today. There is some unfortunate overlap to deal with.